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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is this all about?
Answer: is the Internet's 1st reality blog (web log). 

Answer: Everyone loves reality TV. So why not reality blogging? There are many different and exciting types of bloggers out there just waiting to be read more often, and who wish to share their views with other intense bloggers such as themselves.

Are there prizes?
Answer: Yes. Each year, we will select 1 winner and 1 runner up. The winner will receive a used iPhone 6S. The runner up will receive a 50% discount on a iPhone 6 for sale.

What are the rules?
Answer: The official rules are still with the lawyers. Unofficially, the rules will allow 9 bloggers access to a public blog on this website using Blogger Pro. 

These bloggers will be chosen by management at their complete discretion. Upon accepting the invitation to be a blogger on the, the bloggers will be given private access to Blogger Pro. 

They are then expected to blog as normal, hopefully interacting and or discussing random topics with the other 8 bloggers.

Who should apply?
Answer: Anyone who likes to blog, and who wishes to 'mix it up' with people not necessarily of their beliefs, attitudes or style. 



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