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Well folks, we've hit a snag. The funding we had for this production has backed out and there's no way we're paying for it ourselves. :0

So here's the deal, we'll keep taking applications, but until we secure some new funding (for marketing, legal, etc...) we're not going to be launching the show anytime soon. Thanks to all who applied and linked to us. We'll hopefully be back soon!


Big news, the very first candidates have been contacted! Not all, but some! We're on schedule to begin the show in a month or two. Stay tuned! We've had over 5,000 bloggers enter. A lot to go through, and actually more than we expected. Thank you to all.

Perhaps some day we'll have some of our reality merchandise on this site: Reality TV Show Store, Merchandise & Collectibles


The Apprentice TV Show really is a huge hit isn't it? Well, TheBigBlowShow is gearing up to be just as big! Watch your mailbox for emails from the show's producers to see if you've been selected. Only a few weeks away from the big launch!


We're almost done. The contestants are beginning to be notified over the next few weeks. So far to date we've received thousands of applications, and it's taken us longer than expected to pick and choose. Don't worry though, you still have time to apply.

Looks like the show will officially begin in May. It's shaping up to be quite a panel.


It's time to let everyone know the big news! We've begun our selection process! Good luck!

However, there is still time to apply, so get to it! We've got a lot of evaluating to do for now.


Several new applications have been added to the site. Why haven't you applied yet? There is still plenty of time!


Rumor has it that you still have at least a full month from today to get your applications in! Keep them coming, we can take it!

We gotta admit, we're getting all kinds of them that are very different. Thank you!

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