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Recent Applications

1. Stacy "Fish" 

2. Your Current Blog Web Address:

3. Why Should You Be One Of The Show's Bloggers? I definitely have two very, very distinct sides --almost > schizophrenic. One  day I will say "I just came from Church, I'm not having sex until marriage, and I never do drugs." The next day: "I just got my nipples pierced, messed around with a guy while drunk, Jeez I need a dick in my mouth." All these things have occurred and are true and it's all a part of the Stacy-charm!

4. Classify Your Blog Style: College, Life, Lack-of-Sex blog... Although, I hate to admit it, my blogs is a soup opera, or better yet, like reality television. You know it's bad, but you can't stop watching it. Pick me. I am the internet goddess and fix all things :)

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1. NAME:David Stinson

2. BLOG NAME/LOCATION: Whistler's World - (hey so it's not original, please don't make me cry!)

3. WHY SHOULD I BE DOING THIS?: Every Blog needs their own Mascot, and that's what I bring to the table. I'm currently a mascot for a professional hockey team. Not many people can say that. 

4. WHAT'S MY BLOG LIKE?: If I had to use some of the above styles, I would say that my blog is a combination between a crazy guy and a random thoughts blog. One minute I'll talk about my addiction to tootsie rolls or complain that the fan in the office bathroom doesn't work.

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1. Mason William Wilson


3. I should be one of the bloggers because I could fill the
"stereotypical Southern redneck" slot common to reality shows. Call me Bubba and hand me that chew. Secondly, I only recently lost my blogging virginity--I have been blogging seriously for less than a year. I'm as fresh as a new diaper. Finally, I write well. People need to be able to read The Big Blog Show. Besides, bad grammar sucks.

4. My blog style is very wide-ranging and includes politics, sports, movies and television, personal experiences, humor, law (I'm a law student, but don't hold that against me), and just about anything else that doesn't really matter. My blog reflects me, not some fantasy of what or who I would like to be.

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1. I'm Charlie Hatton, and I write each and every day whether I need to or not.

2. Where the Hell Was I?

3. My blog exists purely for humor -- I try to find something coffee-snortingly funny in every  possible  situation, and plop it down on my site to see what sticks. And if nothing funny happens... well, I make shit up. What else would a good blogger do? 

4. I think I belong on the Big Blog Show because I'll bring that skewed view to the group -- I'll find  the funny side of whatever the hell it is that we're  talking about, and keep the troops entertained. Or... you know, I'll make shit up. Seriously, what else would a good 'group blogger' do? Heh?

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1. My real name is Te-Ericka Patterson. 

2. My weblog addy is

3. I am a Christian woman who is an excellent writer and am not afraid to talk about the ups and downs of being a Christian, a single mother and fresh out of college. Being thrown into the working world, I dont know what's going to happen to me but I do know that whatever it is I will share, without abandon, with the entire world. You have no idea whose blog you're about to read. I am the woman you've been looking for. 

4. My blog could be classified as spiritual, random thought, inspirational and personal.

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1) Name :: Sean White

2) Blog url :: 

3) Why? :: I'm all that...most of the time...I think...nevermind.

4) Blog Type :: Gay. Sketchy. Gay.

Please consider my application. Cuz I know people - mmmmk?

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1. Melinda Urick

2. Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Your Boyfriend

3. I should be on the Big Blog Show because every reality show needs a hot chick. I'm hot... and sassy.

4. My blog is a cross between crazy girl and sexual. My site has been dubbed, in local papers, the "Sex & the City" blog of Cleveland.

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